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Embrace Your Curves

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I have here one my my perfectly imperfect Helen Vases shown here in summertime's Moss color. The Helen Vases are very meaningful to me. When I first decided to make these vases they reminded me of the curvy hourglass figure of a woman. For me, it is empowering to allow each vase become what it wanted to be regardless of it matching another vase in size or shape. Like so many people, I have struggled with accepting my shape and size and experienced what seemed like never ending desire for perfection or to match what I saw on tv or in magazines. It is embarrassing to admit I was so hard on myself because this is in no way the advice I’d give another person. I would tell them that they are beautiful. I would tell them that the imperfections they see aren’t imperfect, but unique, special and a distinct part of their journey. So today regardless of your shape, size, gender, race, or sexuality tell yourself you are valuable, important, deserving of respect, and completely beautiful! 

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  • Such beautiful thoughts and words of encouragement, Eleni! You are such a kind and beautiful person!♡

    Mary on

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