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Pottery and Prosecco!

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I am so excited to announce something new that we will be doing: Pottery and Prosecco! Get your best friends together for a fun girls night of making your very own piece and sipping a little prosecco! 

Pottery artists laughing

Classes will be offered for groups of 4-8 people and will last between 90 - 120 minutes depending on your lesson plan. It's a perfect class for a bachelorette party, team building excursion or just a fun night out with your gal pals! In each class we will walk you through how to create your very own piece that you will get to take home and show off at your next party or painting event. You get to choose the project you want to create ahead of time and we will have everything you need set up and ready to go!

The event will start with a toast and a tour of our studio. We will take you on a brief tour of our home studio where we make our signature pottery that we sell world wide. We will share our story of how we turned our pandemic started business into a worldwide brand that now supports our family. There will be light snacking provided alongside some sweet treats that we will theme to your class and/or preferences. Prosecco cocktails and appetizers will be served on pieces from our signature pottery collection giving you a sneak peak of the style of pottery we will be creating together.

Next you can expect some time to thoughtfully design your piece. Take some space with the provided paper to sketch out your vision. We will be around to guide you and answer questions as well as top off those prosecco cocktails 🥂It's your chance to add your own personality to your piece!

Once you have settled on a design, we can all show off our ideas before getting started. It's also another chance to grab a snack before things get started! Then you get to dive right in. There's nothing more satisfying than getting your hands all covered in clay to create something that you dreamed up. We will be walking around answering questions and offering guidance to insure everyone creates a successful piece.

After the class concludes, we will complete the piece for you in our studio. Your piece will undergo a controlled, careful drying process taking about 1-2 weeks, it will then fire in our kiln and once cooled, we will brush on 5 luxurious coats of our food-safe glaze. The pieces are then fired again and as a finishing touch, you have the option to add our signature 22k gold detailing according to your design sketch. The pieces undergo a third and final firing before the bottoms are carefully sanded smooth for a finished feel! All in all, this will take 4- 6 weeks. Your piece will then be ready for pickup or we will carefully pack and ship it to your home so you can enjoy it for a lifetime!

Wanting to sign up with just 1-3 people? Join our next Open Workshop on November 8th! Live out of state? Don't worry! Next time you are planning a trip to the PNW, check out our class calendar and reserve your spot in advance! We'd love to have some travelling artists swing by for a class and a cocktail!



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