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Fall? What's NOT to love??

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First, let me introduce myself. I'm Kaitlin and I am new to the Pottery by Eleni team this year! I have so much love for this business! I love working with my hands and the opportunity to be creative and messy! I have been working with this team since June and have learned so much. I cannot wait to continue learning too!

With that being said, Eleni asked me to write this blog because I LOVE fall and fall is here folks! It's my favorite time of year! I love all things fall. The smells, the sweaters, the colors...it's all perfect. I mean, is there anything better than taking a walk on a crisp, sunny, fall day with orange and red leaves on the trees around you? No! We are taking inspiration this year from fall for a few new limited release products too! Starting with the Leaf Palette. 

Getting its distinct shape inspired by maple leaves we see all over up here in the PNW, this is a fun item to add to your palette collection to get you in the fall mood. We intentionally did not put any paint wells in this one so that it could be used as a small platter too! So when you are hosting your annual fall harvest party, you have something festive for your appetizers 😊

Fall is also the time of year for my favorite holiday: Halloween! I love spooky stuff! Scary movies? Pass the popcorn! Haunted houses? Sign me up! Creative costumes? I'm so there! I love all things creepy and ghostly. I even inspired Eleni to make some new spooky things this year! Introducing our new Kaitlin Ghost Luminary! (Yes! It's named after ME!)

This hand-thrown piece will be a perfect addition to your Halloween decor. Spooky with a touch of elegance. Throw a tealight in there and you have just the ambience you are looking for around this time of year! 

I hope that these new fall pieces inspire you to love fall as much as I do! Or at least inspire your next party to host. 👻


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