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What is a Story Sale?

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A story sell is where we set a date and time on our Instagram Stories to put some of our items up for sale. We offer free shipping on all the items we sell during the Story Sale and offer discounts some of the other items as well. We love our story sales and here’s why!

Family Owned Pottery Business


First of all, they are exciting! It is such a great way for us to connect with our Instagram community. We love to watch our customers get so excited about them. We have fun picking out what products to put up and see how everyone responds to them. If there is something you really have your eye on, it is such a rush to try and make sure you get that message to us first so you can be the one to snag it right?

Gold and White Vase

Second, it is a good place to sell our “seconds”. What is a second? It is any product that we made that does not pass our quality control but might not bother everyone. These are the items that are offered at a discounted price for the sale. Since we are a business of handmade products, not everything is going to come out perfect, and we try to make the best of that!


Holiday Snow Covered Ceramic Tree


Lastly, it is a great place to do some prototyping. If we have an idea for a new product but are not sure how it will sell, we can use a Story Sale to test that. We will make one or two of an item and see the community’s reaction. If it gets a good response, will might put it into production! A great example of that was when we made our holiday trees last year! We got such an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers that we almost had no choice BUT to put them into production. They were a total hit! Make sure to keep an eye out for our next Story Sale. It is definitely something you don’t want to miss!

What are you hoping to see on our next Story Sale? Leave a comment below!

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