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Celebrate Pride with Pottery by Eleni's Vibrant Limited Edition Collection

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At Pottery by Eleni, we are excited to introduce our special Pride Collection, honoring the spirit of resilience, creativity, and inclusivity. This collection showcases three exquisite pieces, each crafted to inspire and enhance your artistic expression while supporting a meaningful cause.

Sylvia Rainbow Palette

The Sylvia Rainbow Palette pays homage to Sylvia Rivera, a courageous activist in the LGBTQ+ community. This rainbow-shaped palette features three sections for seamless paint mixing and is adorned with intricate gold detailing. Whether used individually or in conjunction with our complementary pieces, it is an essential addition to every artist's toolkit.

Marsha Trinket Dish and Brush Rest

Named after Marsha P. Johnson, this versatile piece serves as both a trinket dish and a brush rest. Its rainbow design not only complements the Sylvia Rainbow Palette but also adds a touch of pride to your workspace. 

Shaped like a cloud, the Brenda Water Dish brings whimsy and charm to your painting setup. Named in honor of Brenda Howard, a pivotal figure in LGBTQ+ rights, this dish is ideal for holding water or as a standalone decorative item. Like all pieces in our Pride Collection, it embodies the spirit of its namesake and is designed to inspire and uplift.

Support a Meaningful Cause

By purchasing any item from Pottery by Eleni's Pride Collection, you're not only celebrating love and diversity but also contributing to a cause that matters. A portion of proceeds from each sale will be donated to Camp Ten Trees, supporting their mission to promote social justice and equality.

Join Us in Celebrating Pride

Our Pride Collection is more than pottery—it's a celebration of love, diversity, and the ongoing fight for equality. Whether you're an artist or an ally, these pieces are crafted to inspire and uplift. Embrace your creativity and show your pride with Pottery by Eleni's limited edition Pride Collection.

Together, let's create a world where everyone can thrive.

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